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First Shineray X5 Grandly Off the Production Line

The long-awaited high-end large displacement dirt bike for rally race--the Shineray X5 (XY400GY) which was decorated with a big red flower officially went off the third production line of Shineray Motorcycle Production Workshop on 3rd August, 2012. Shineray Motorcycle Company's senior leaders including General Manager Mr. Zhang Bin along with its R & D team and production team presented the off-the production-line ceremony.

The chief designer of Shineray X5 Mr. He Weiqi briefly introduced Shineray X5's R & D progress, performance and features, market demands and so on to the crowd on the ceremony. General Manager Mr. Zhang Bin gave a speech about the strategic significance for developing Shineray X5. The first Shineray X5 dirt bike went off the production line amid the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Shineray's senior leaders signed their names on the bike, and took photos together to record this significant moment.
In order to satisfy the strategic development needs of Shineray and meet market demands, Shineray spent more than two years in developing the Shineray X5 which is China's first high-end long-distance dirt bike for rally race. It enriches Shineray's dirt bike product lineup. It also occupies great significance in terms of Shineray's overall products strategy.
Shineray X5 caused a stir as soon as it's displayed on the CIMAMotor 2011 and Canton Fair 2011 by its sturdy body and dominating spirit. It was also given the honorary title '2011 Motorcycle Innovation Results Gold Medal' by the China Industrial Paper Press and China Automobile & Motorcycle Industry Annual Selection Committee. The current model has greatly improved itself in its comfortableness, maneuverability, power performance, utility and all other features than those of the model displayed on the CIMAMotor 2011 and Canton Fair 2011.
Shineray X5 greatly satisfies the demands for featured high-end dirt bikes for rally race both at home and abroad. Shineray X5 adopts frame built-in engine lubricant and large capacity petrol tank design to meet its needs for light weight and long-distance travel. Its quick detachable air filter is easy to be maintained. In terms of its frame, Shineray X5 successfully adopts the design of built-in cooling system by engine lubricant in its frame. A complete set of production techniques and technical regulations was formed after Shineray Daimler Research Institute R & D team's ceaseless efforts, repeated tests and exploration. This also helps accumulate valuable experience for Shineray to manufacture high-end vehicle frames.
Shineray X5 has won many patents. It adopts the powerful 185YMQ 400cc oil-cooled engine which is independently developed by Shineray. Its sports character and fashionable concept of leisure travel are perfectly expressed by its fully dominating appearance design.
In order to meet the requirements of China's third-stage emission control, Shineray is now working together with Siemens China and Synerject to develop EFI system. It's estimated that the EFI system development for Shineray X5 will be completed by year end 2012. It will also accumulate considerable technical experience for the company to develop large displacement motorcycle EFI systems in the future.
The launch of Shineray X5 will inevitably bring a great mass fervor for dirt bike travel in China, push the product upgrade and regeneration of Shineray, and lead technical advance of the industry.
Next, Shineray X5 will endure a rally test starting from Chongqing, and then to Wuhan, Hefei, Nanjing, Shanghai, Dalian, Jilin, Tianjin, Hohhot, Xi'an and then back to Chongqing. To be continued with more exciting news.

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