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Accumulating Platform Technology to Enhance International Competitiveness (Part I)
Editor's note: Shineray Group advocates five points in the 2013 overall business strategy, including refined quality, professional talents, product differentiation, lean management, and operation efficiency. This article discusses how to fulfill the five points in R&D, production and marketing. It may be enlightening to us.
Accumulating Platform Technology to Enhance International Competitiveness (Part I)
Shineray Motorcycle XY250GY-481E Revelation
                 Overseas Marketing Department
In November 2012, Shineray Motorcycle began selling XY250GY-481E overseas. Within just a few months, 481E has become popular in the market, especially in South America, Asia, and Europe. So far, 481E sales have expanded to 3 areas and 10 markets with nearly 3,000 vehicles in the procurement plan. Built on the self-developed platform 470, 481E constitutes a supplement to the portfolio of Shineray' middle-end, off-road motorcycles. Therefore, it is a blockbuster product for overseas markets in 2013.
With the advantage introduced by the dedicated off-road frame on platform 470, 481E can travel on all kinds of bumpy paths at ease, just like its brother Shineray X3. Riding 481E is a great manipulating pleasure. 481E has an advanced fork structure and suspension system over products of the same type. In detail, the inverted front shock absorber, together with the well-shaped rear fork design and rear shock absorber swingarm structure triple its shock-absorbing performance on bumpy roads, allowing more comfortable riding experience. Front and rear disc brakes come with dual-piston brake valves and enlarged brake pads, supporting superior braking performance.
As the heart of a motorcycle, engine is the core of quality. 481E uses a VJP250 balance shaft engine that is powerful and stable. VJ series engines are classic engines independently developed by Shineray. They have a maximum torque of 19/6000 (N-m/r/min), providing great climbing power and high load output. Compared with products with the same displacement, low torque at a high speed constitutes Shineray engines' competitiveness. Moreover, the engine power output is balanced, ensuring smooth shifting.
Adventurous off-road enthusiasts are picky about vehicle appearance. 481E's design genetically inherits from Shineray. The frame has sharp lines yet yield to stability, and the body is dazzling with charming taste. It looks quite similar to the high-end off-road vehicle, BMW X5. Other fashionable configurations are also eye-catching, for example, the head light decorated with LED angel eyes, aluminum alloy muffler, full-featured digital instrument, etc.
Successful product launching is just the first step. 481E still has a long to go in terms of the technical level and sales. 481E is a rising star in the Shineray family. It requires sustainable competitiveness to survive in the market in a long run. Therefore, the overseas marketing system and the entire R&D team are undertaking arduous tasks. However, many issues worth deep thinking after review of 481E's development process, which is additional value of the product.
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