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SHINERAY Introduces a High-End Off Road Dual-Brand - SWM & SRM 2014-12-29
2015 SHINERAY X2, perfect FOR RACING 2014-12-29
Shineray initiates preparations for the 117th Canton Fair 2015-03-24
Avalanche of Vintage Style Shineray XY400 First Ride 2013-11-11
Shineray initiates preparations for the 114th Canton Fair 2013-09-24
Shineray¡¯s Two Tough Brothers Shineray X5 (XY400GY) and XY250GY-6B Test Ride 2013-07-23
Shineray 481E Test Ride Report 2013-06-05
Accumulating Platform Technology to Enhance International Competitiveness (Par... 2013-04-01
Shineray initiates preparations for the 113th CANTON FAIR 2013 2013-03-20
notice 2013-02-06
Shineray Motorcycle Repeats Its Glory in the 2012 Rally around Taklimakan Dese... 2012-10-23
Shineray initiates preparations for the 112th CANTON FAIR 2012 2012-09-25
First Shineray X5 Grandly Off the Production Line 2012-08-04
BMW Rhapsody and Shineray Motorcycle 2012-07-25
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