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Electric Takeoff: Shineray X30LEV Makes Grand Debut at WFICIT, Paving the Way for Future Negotiations


On May 21st, 2023, the Fifth Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade, (hereinafter referred to as the WFICIT) came to an end at Chongqing International Expo Center, where nearly 1,000 international and domestic famous enterprises gathered in the “Mountain City” to share the grand event, focusing on western industries and looking at future development.

"Enter the West, negotiate the future". The WFICIT not only set the record for the largest exhibition area with 180,000 square meters, but also attracted more than 900 enterprises from 40 countries and regions, 29 domestic provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and 2 special administrative regions. Huawei, BYD, Changan, Reach and other domestic auto brands actively participated in the exhibition, focusing on cutting-edge automotive R & D and manufacturing achievements. In the booth of Sino-Singapore Interconnection Project, Xinyuan Electric Vehicle X30LEV right-hand drive vehicle was unveiled, triggering many citizens' enthusiastic attention and stopping to visit.

In 2017, X30LEV was launched in China.In the wave of transformation of new energy commercial vehicles, Shineray Auto aims to be the "global intelligent commercial green leader" and accelerates its run with excellent product quality and competitiveness in the complex market environment. In order to better respond to the international trend of new energy, Shineray brand deeply understands the needs of users and continuously improves the product potential, and has expanded the business scope of new energy vehicles to Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal and other countries, and has received the love of local users.

Among them, as the key market for Shineray X30LEV, Singapore will stop registering fuel vehicles from 2030, and the relevant government departments in Singapore are actively docking with Chongqing on new energy vehicle trade, charging and switching network construction and relevant rule-making experience. "Chongqing-made" new energy vehicles have gradually entered the Singapore market. Shineray Group cooperates with local customers in Singapore, and has become the representative of urban logistics vehicles in Singapore with one-to-one customized right-hand drive configuration for local owners' usage characteristics and habits.

In the Sino-Singapore interconnection booth in the West China Fair, X30LEV, as the only new energy logistics vehicle in the booth, performed very brightly. During the exhibition tour, the city leaders also expressed their amazement and praise that our new energy logistics vehicles can be sold in Singapore and Korea, which are economic powerhouses, and expressed their full confidence in Xinyuan's products going global. During the exhibition, X30LEV also attracted interested partners from different regions of the world to learn more about the details and functions of the product.

X30LEV adopts Ningde Times long-range and long-life battery as the energy core of the whole vehicle. With the support of 41.86kwh battery capacity, the NEDC range can reach 305km, and it can complete the energy reserve from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes under the extreme fast charging mode, which brings more efficient car experience.

In terms of power, X30LEV adopts Huichuan's high power and high efficiency motor with a maximum power of 60KW and peak torque of 220N-m, and is equipped with X-CORE intelligent control system, which can adjust charging strategy in real time by intelligently monitoring changes in the external environment to ensure charging safety and charging efficiency and extend battery life. To ensure the reliable operation of the vehicle worldwide, the X30LEV has been tested and driven over 1 million kilometers in extreme cold, heat and plateau environments, covering a variety of road conditions around the world, fully proving the product strength.

For commercial vehicles, "large space" has always been one of the most important criteria for purchasing a vehicle, and in order to meet the more diversified needs of consumers, the X30LEV has always adhered to the space design of practicality first.

The interior dimensions of 2510*1475*1350mm provide a loading space of about 5m³ and support forklift to load and unload woodworking boards, which can greatly enhance the working efficiency. 2/5/7/9/11-seater models can provide more practical choices for consumers with different needs.

Furthermore, the X30LEV is equipped with five core safety features: built-in airbags, hill-start assist, driving recorder with reverse camera, ABS+EBD, and pedestrian prompt. These safety configurations aim to provide stronger security for every daily trip.

Over the years, Shineary Auto has formed a multi-model layout of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and its auto products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In order to bring consumers a more efficient and practical car experience, Xinyuan Auto will continue to deepen its technical research and development, and is committed to letting global users enjoy the high-quality auto products created by Shineary.

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