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Shineray Forges Official Partnership with Inter to Boost Its Globalization!


On September 29, 2023, Shineray Motors (Shineray) andInter Milan Football Club(Inter) officially announced their official partnership in Milan, Italy. Shineray has become the official global car partner of Inter. Shineray Director Xie Yong, Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello, and Inter legend Fabio Galante attended the signing ceremony, to witness this historic moment. This marks the second time Shineray has partnered with Inter since their first official strategic cooperation in 2017. The collaboration is a win-win and mutually beneficial prospect. Shineray stated that the partnership would further enhance its global influence, boost its international business strategy, and accelerate its brand-building process.

Football brings together different cultures and shows its passion and glory

The strong collaboration between Shineray and Inter is a result of their shared connections to Italy, football culture, and their mutual passionate pursuit of excellence in their respective fields.As a century-old football club with a global presence, Inter has won 18 Italian Series A championships and 3 UEFA Champions League titles before this year, making it a well-deserved football powerhouse. Although it experienced ups and downs for a while, Inter regained its glory in 2023, leaded the Serie A once again and won its 19th Series A championship.At the same time, Inter made great progress in the UEFA Champions League, and eliminated many European powerhouses.Although it was ultimately runners-up, its strength should not be underestimated, and its glory deserves the respect of all football fans.

In this enhanced collaboration, Shineray merges the enthusiasm of automobiles and football, integrates the allure of football into its brand and significantly enriches Shineray's brand identity. This collaboration will resonate with a broader audience of football and sports enthusiasts worldwide and will also help Inter deepen its influence in China.

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