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About Our Motocross Team

Brief Introduction of Shineray International MX-Team


Shineray International MX-Team established in March 2004, it has several world famous motocross athlete.
  Since established, Shineray International MX-Team has taken part in World Motocross Championship, International Motocross Championship, Belgium Motocross Championship etc.many International Matches, contended with many international top teams and stepped on the award stage many times.
  Shineray International MX-Team has been working to promote Shineray¡¯s brand reputation and learn the world¡¯s advanced motorcycle manufacturing technology. During the days of match, Shineray International MX-Team never disappointed the wish of the people, they agains the odds, showed the spirit of solidarity and industrious of Shinerary to the world again and again.
¡ñ   March, 2004: Shineray MX-Team was estabished, as the only Motocross team of China took part in the top motocross matches of the world.
¡ñ   February, 2005: Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd became the only company in China which get the International Manufacturer¡¯s Licence of FIM.
¡ñ   October, 2005: On invitation of Chinese Motor Sport Association, Shineray MX-Team coached in Bejing and took part in the final match of National Motocross Championship, won champions of tree items with absolute advantage.
¡ñ   September, 2006: Shineray MX-Team sponsor China Motocross Team take part in the National Cup Motocross Championship. It was the first time that China Motocross Team take part in so high level match, it started the epoch of Chinese motorcycle sport.
¡ñ   September, 2006: Shineray made great progress of dirt bike technologe, original Shineray XY110GY-VI won Runner_up of Italy Pitbike Championship. The motorcycle made in China eventually obtained great honor in International match¡­¡­
  Shineray cavalry is chasten in the competitive international match, struggle and conquer again and again, two years¡¯match made Shineray MX-Team mature and strong. It is a long way in the future, the people of Shineray will make great effort continuously!

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