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Layout 4+1

Industry 4+1: Automobile, motorcycle, agricultural machinery(including gardening) and general machines, intelligent travel and financial lease.

Layout 4+1

Automobile 4+1: Passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, NEV, customized intelligent vehicle and powertrain.

vehicle 4+1

Customized intelligent vehicle 4+1: Logistics vehicle, eco-friendly vehicle, medical vehicle, mobile store vehicle and welfare vehicle

Layout 4+1

Base 4+1: Chongqing Fuling Manufacturing Base, Chongqing High-tech Zone Manufacturing Base, Vietnam Manufacturing Base, SWM Italian Manufacturing Base and Headquarters in Chongqing Foreign Business Area.

  • Chongqing Fuling Manufacturing Base

  • Chongqing High-tech Zone Manufacturing Base

  • Vietnam Manufacturing Base

  • SWM Italian Manufacturing Base

Headquarters in Chongqing Foreign Business Area