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First Liter-level engine is out-SHINERAY Motorcycle!

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First Liter-level engine is out-SHINERAY Motorcycle!

Time : 2022-06-23 Hits : 3509

V 1200
Launch event
Meet the future * SHINERAY blazes


SHINERAY Motorcycle "Start now·Re-X start"
theme webcast was held smoothly
The first V-type twin cylinder 1200cc engine
independently developed by SHINERAY was successfully launched


Highlights of V1200 engine


Immediately became the new CENTER
As the first First Liter-level engine of SHINERAY Motorcycle
The mysterious V1200
has aroused the continuous attention of society
Motorcyclists have long been looking forward to seeing it
At 8 p.m., the much-anticipated V1200 was unveiled and lit successfully
Endless applause and cheers on the scene
The atmosphere of the event was pushed to a climax


Dual-core R&D team
Mr. Liu --- the President of SHINERAY Motor Research Institute
It’s learnt that V1200 engine was jointly build by the No. 1 project team that is established both by SHINERAY Motorcycle R&D team and Italian R&D center
Italy team is mostly in charge of r&d and design of the engine
Domestic team is more in charge of landing and testing


Triple quality assurance
For the assembly, processing and other process of the whole machine, Shineray Motorcycle has carried out a comprehensive production line and equipment upgrade, providing "triple guarantee" for the quality of the whole machine to promote the actual landing quality of the whole machine.
(1) Manufacturing accuracy guarantee. Newly built automated machining center, the introduction of international equipment, processing accuracy up to 0.01MM, to achieve the true sense of automatic precision machining;
(2) Comprehensive performance testing guarantee. Specially set up industry-leading comprehensive performance testing equipment to ensure a high degree of consistency in the quality and quality control of the whole machine;
(3) Assembly capacity guarantee. In 2022, the industry-leading high-end "U" engine intelligent assembly line will be newly invested to effectively prevent errors; Through 5G big data Internet of Things control, product assembly consistency is guaranteed.


Four Major Optimization of the Whole Machine
Manufacturing process optimization
Greatly improve the structural stability, crankshaft rigidity and strength, and increase the durability of the whole machine by more than 25% under high-power conditions;
Cooling system optimization
Accelerate the speed of lubricating oil circulation, increase the cylinder head heat sink area, and increase the heat dissipation capacity of the whole machine by 10%.
Powertrain system optimization
Strengthen the strength and heat resistance of the piston top, and cooperate with the lower cooling nozzle of the piston that increases the flow rate to increase the power and ensure the life.
Driveline system optimization
Matching the newly designed sliding clutch, the grip torque of the handle is only 58N.m, which is 30% less than that of the same class.
Multiple Sensory Impacts
Delicate and full-bodied arc shape
Highly visually polished heat sink
Will be V1200 power type
The symmetrical beauty is on full display
9:1 compression ratio
Lower daily speed
Creates a unique horseshoe sound wave
The shock threshold for the senses continues to soar
The design of V1200 keeps pace with v-cylinder engines around the world
We do not deliberately go after the extreme dynamics in a radical way
We ensure the operational quality of the engine and the durability of the engine
The maximum power is 45KW
The maximum torque is 90NM


Start now·Re-X start"
About the V1200 engine
There's so much more to discover
New unveiling?
Sister engine platform collective release?
Chongqing Motorcycle Expo in September
Reveal it all for you