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"Global Shineray, Wisdom Enjoy the Future"——2022 Shineray SouthKorea's new energy vehicle officially launched!

"Global Shineray, Wisdom Enjoy the Future"——2022 Shineray SouthKorea's new energy vehicle officially launched!

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In the scorching summer, the sun is burning like fire. In the common expectation of Korean customers and us, the delivery ceremony of the Korean X30LEV officially opened at 14:00 on July 20. X30LEVs are slowly driving out from the red carpet and heading for the Korean market.1658743459723869.jpg      At the delivery ceremony, Wang Yueyu, director of the Automotive Technology Center, Deng Fanyang, BPM director of the Overseas Business Department, and Korean customer representatives were invited to witness this exciting moment. Walking through the past, the sweat of struggle has just been wiped away, and the smile of victory is spreading. Perseverance, dreams, and pursuits burn your hearts and mines together. Today, we are gathered here to witness Shineray New Energy Vehicles enter the Korean market and compose a song all the way.3     Shineray Automobile relies on perfect product system and excellent product quality, Over the years, it has won the reputation and trust of users. In 2016, the production and sales exceeded 100,000 units, ranking among the top three in the industry; in 2018, the production and sales exceeded 124,400 units. In the past two years, we have seized the opportunity of new energy, upgraded our technology, and developed new energy vehicles. Based on the newly developed projects of Chinese and Korean companies, successfully created a star product for the Korean market - the Korean X30L EV model.1658743456470590.jpg     Compared with competing models of the same level, the Korean X30L EV has a more atmospheric appearance and a stronger business atmosphere. The ultra-long wheelbase of 2925mm is combined with the incomplete flat floor design to create a larger cargo space. In terms of power, the X30L EV uses a lithium iron phosphate battery from the CATL, which has higher energy density, larger battery power and longer cruising range. In addition, the unique LED daytime running lights, the full LCD dial with a more technological sense, as well as ESC and dual airbags and other configurations, undoubtedly make the South Korean X30L EV more popular.1658743445948179.jpg     It is such a carefully developed new energy vehicle product, whether it is for domestic or foreign, it will set off a boom, that is our confidence in our products. In this regard, Deng Fanyang, BPM director of the overseas business department, also said at the event: X30LEV finally appeared in front of everyone today after countless days and nights of painstaking research and development by R&D designers. In the future, we will further develop new energy vehicle technology, continuously strengthen the core three power, continue to improve the user experience, and create the global Shineray.1658743382389829.jpg      We all know that Shineray brand is customer-centric and product-oriented, and is determined to become the leader of commercial vehicles in the new era. In order to let customers better understand the South Korean X30LEV model, Wang Yueyu from the Automotive Technology Center spoke at the event: In 2021, we will set up a front-line technical backbone team and start the operation of the Korean project. During this period, we have faced many technical Challenges involving the development of technologies such as mileage testing, ESC, and dual airbags. However, through the continuous efforts of our technical staff and the full cooperation of our Korean customers and our company, our X30LEV finally rolled off the assembly line.1658743382668822.jpg      Finally, at the most exciting moment of the event, Director Wang Yueyu and Director Deng Fanyang came to the stage for the key handover ceremony. After the handover ceremony was completed, under the command of Director Wang Yueyu to "start now", the X30LEVs, which were already ready to go, slowly and neatly drove out along the red carpet, representing Shineray to South Korea and the world!      In the future, we will also live up to expectations and make Shineray new energy vehicles a benchmark for urban commercial vehicles in the world.