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The all new extended range electric 7-seat SUV

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The all new extended range electric 7-seat SUV

Time : 2023-01-12 Hits : 94

On January 10, along with a creative short video "Beyond the Ideal", the first extended range new energy vehicle of SWM – SWM Giant Tiger EDi - was officially launched. The vehicle is positioned as an extended-range seven-seat SUV and costs less than 100,000 yuan, which means that the extended range vehicles that were once out of reach of ordinary consumers will be affordable soon. 


Life is not stressful, ideal is not far away

Everyone has a new dream in the New Year. Just like what has been presented in the video "Beyond the Ideal", the SWM Giant Tiger EDi makes the ideal of less refueling, no license plate restriction, large space and long range come true in one car, helping every ordinary person achieve their ideals. "Life is stressful, the ideal is not far away". SWM’s concept of practicality, rationality and simplicity in car-making will also be embraced by more ordinary consumers.

Along with the new energy trend, consumers can choose more and more products with more equipment, which is desirable. But on the opposite, new energy vehicles are getting more and more expensive. In the new energy car market of the 100,000 yuan level, there are almost no extended range electric vehicle.

SWM Giant Tiger EDi will be able to meet the demand of the consumers who have big families, and are willing to experience the energy-saving travel with the new energy vehicle. This car will not only satisfy consumers’ daily needs, but also eliminate the worry of range when traveling long in the vacations. As the only extended range electric SUV that costs less than 100,000 yuan, the SWM Giant Tiger EDi truly allows consumers who are in face of a stressful life to fully experience the joyous life. 


Off-road appearance with driving comfort and safety


The SWM Giant Tiger EDi has an off-road appearance, a newly-designed wheel hub and a shield shape front grille. The side of the car is surrounded by the off-road anti-scratch cover, making it look more powerful. With the ground clearance up to 195mm, this car has an outstanding off-road ability compared with the cars of the similar price, and is capable of dealing with various road conditions.

In terms of the space, the vehicle dimension of SWM Giant Tiger EDi is 4605*1815*1825mm. It is equipped with sliding seats in the second row, and the foldable back seats which can be adjust freely for riding or loading. The largest interior space is up to3m³, which is bound to satisfy both traveling needs or loading needs.


In terms of the interior, SWM Giant Tiger has a double-colored azure cockpit and a floating central control panel, which looks rather futuristic. It is equipped with the start-stop system, passive keyless enter. The  intelligent communication (voice control) system and a big central screen with 10.25’’display size and high resolution are capable of providing various functions like online entertainment, navigation, radio and voice control. In terms of the safety equipment, it is equipped with ESC system and dual airbags for assuring you a safe and comfortable journey.


Fuel and Electricity are both available for the free 1000km range.

      SWM Giant Tiger EDI is equipped with the joint effort of SWM and FinDreams Powertrain—the EDi-oriented 4-cylinder engine. With the Atkinson Cycle technology, the thermal efficiency of this engine is up to 41% and the fuel consumption is 2.06L, which is the outstanding level inChina. The Five-in-One electric motor significantly increases the efficiency while lessening the electricity consumption, and has a prominent efficiency level. Its motor efficiency can attain 90% or even higher with the highest efficiency of 97.03%. The overall work and power is 105kw, and the overall torque is 210N.m. This is stronger power with higher efficiency. 


SWM Giant Tiger EDi platform uses the lithium iron phosphate battery, which has passed the most strict nail penetration test and the 300°C ARC resistance test without catching fire. The cell takes the Laminate Technology, and the battery heat management adopts the advanced direct cooling technology, which not only increases the battery life, but also makes it safer, more stable and reliable. Besides, the control and protective switching device of SWM Giant Tiger EDi uses the dual core dsp digital signal processor, which speeds up the response process, and has the highest efficiency of more than 98%. 

With the high efficient electric motor and extender, SWM Giant Tiger EDi has stronger power, longer battery life, more efficient electric motor with lower fuel consumption. With the 1000km range, the drivers can really achieve the free ride without range anxiety. When driving only with electricity, its electricity consumption per 100km is only 11.3kWh, and it will only cost you 3 RMB cents per kilometer. If you need to have a long drive, the fuel consumption per 100km is only about 2L when driving with both electricity and fuel. This is close to the driving cost of a pure electric car.

To conclude, as an extended range electric SUV which only costs about 100000 yuan, SWM Giant Tiger is of high cost-effectiveness. Believe it or not, the long range and the large space of SWM Giant Tiger will spark your ordinary life.