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The best-selling agricultural machinery in 2021—Shineray

Time : 2022-06-08 Hits : 12

Won the first place in the best-selling agricultural machinery list in 2021

Recently, China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, China Agricultural Mechanization, and China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association have jointly released the 2021 Agricultural Machinery Bestseller List. As it shows, micro-tiller of Shineray Agricultural Machinery won the first place of tillage machinery. (Source: China Agricultural Mechanization,)
Shineray Agricultural Machinery is user-centered and market-oriented, understands the pain points of user needs, and based on the current changes in consumer groups, has developed a variety of classic products suitable for hilly and mountainous areas.



As a kind of miniature farming equipment, the tiller is used in many small fields, especially in hilly areas, as a common equipment in the farming season. In recent years, micro-tillers have been widely used in vegetable gardens, greenhouses and other places. It is the best choice for farmers and consumers to replace cattle farming.


The popularization of agricultural mechanization has liberated the cattle and brought benefits to the vast number of farmers. Shineray Agricultural Machinery is committed to farms farmers and farming in the vast hills and mountainous areas, keeps innovating on the road of agricultural mechanization.


This honor is not only a high recognition of Shineray agricultural machinery products, but also shows the corporate responsibility and enterprising spirit of Chongqing Shineray Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. We are convinced that with the support and love of of users and partners, Shineray Agricultural Machinery will definitely lead the development trend of the hilly agricultural machinery industry and make great impact on the development of agricultural mechanization in hilly and mountainous areas.